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Sharing knowledge

Many things have contributed to who Suzi Smith has become. She describes herself as a life-long learner who loves to share what she’s learning with others so that their lives can be enriched. That sharing of knowledge is manifest in many ways; through training, working with people in individual client sessions, conducting telephone life coaching, writing books and articles, and developing video and audio productions. She finds herself equally at home sharing with people in any of these ways.

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Facilitating personal change

Suzi has an active private practice in assisting people in individual sessions. She has facilitated people in many powerful personal changes including: healing from various kinds of cancers, retraining the immune system regarding allergies, develolping motivation to study, healing irritable bowel symptoms, creating new choices concerning compulsive behaviors, and clearing past blocks to being healthy or successful and many more.

Suzi also conducts ongoing telephone life coaching sessions with people from around the world. Coaching issues dealt with have included motivation for exercise and healthy eating, weight reduction, stopping smoking issues, business management issues, and attaining a sense of greater spirituality just to name a few.

Helping others

Many different types of work have been a part of her career development. Suzi discovered early on that she is most fulfilled when she is helping others along the path towards health and well-being. Assisting people in being personally responsible for themselves for themselves and their experiences in life is part of her passion.

Living a longer, fuller life

Recently, Suzi has become fascinated by the notion of longevity—what it takes
to live a long, healthy, happy life. She has been collecting the latest research
findings regarding what contributes to a person’s vitality. At this point,
she has set her intent to live every moment of life fully and completely to
the age of 120.