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Below are links to some of the clients Suzi Smith works with.
Another-View, run byMarian Langbroek, sponsors the European Health Certification Training held in Holland.
International Teaching Seminars is a world-class NLP Training Organization run by Ian McDermott. Suzi trains yearly for this organization in their Life Balance Program and the Master Practitioner Certification.
A training organization headed up by Alex Cheung offering NLP Training Programs in Hong Kong and China. Suzi trains in their Master Practitioner Certification yearly, is a part of a Training of Trainers Program there and sometimes offers specialty programs.
An outstanding training organization run by Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier and Teresa Epstien offering many diverse NLP training programs in the summer in Santa Cruz, California on the University of California campus. Suzi is a part of the faculty and trains in a variety of the programs each summer.
A training center run by Jessica Rivera located in Santiago Chile. Suzi does a part of the Master Practitioner Certification there regularly.
A training center located in Lima, Peru operated by Bianca Cogorno. NLP training is just one of the many things offered by this organization. Suzi participates in NLP Certification Programs as well as specialty programs offered by Infode.
An NLP training organization owned and operated by Juan Francisco Ramirez. The headquarters is in Guadalajara, Mexico and there are many branches offering NLP training throughout the country. This organization also offers a Masters Degree in NLP. Suzi does a part of the Health Certification Training for this company.
The Institute for Eclectic Psychology located in Nijmegan, Holland, offers many fine training programs centered around NLP. This reputable organization is run by Jaap Hollander and Annneke Mejer and conducts NLP Certification Programs in Holland. Suzi participates in their Master Practitioner Certification every other year.
A not for profit organization called the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health that holds Conferences, and does networking among its members. A good source of referrals for people looking for health resources. Suzi is on their Board of Directors.
The NLP and Coaching Institute of California offers premiere personal and professional development courses in ICF Coach Certification Training, NLP Practitioner Certification, and NLP Master Practitioner Certification.