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One on One

Individual Client Sessions

When you do individual client sessions with Suzi, she will mix and match processes, drawing upon NLP, shamanism, the Work of Byron Katie, teachings of Arnold Patent, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, just to name a few. The emphasis will be on getting results, doing whatever it takes to remove obstacles and move towards outcomes.

Suzi Smith has become sought after by people from around the world because of the quality of her individual client sessions. She considers one of her greatest assets in individual sessions to be pattern detection. As she is gathering information from you about what is happening currently and what you want instead, she will be noticing those patterns that repeat in your physiology, states, statements of time, points of view, belief structures just to name a few. This allows her to quickly identify which of the many processes she has learned that will assist you in moving towards your outcomes.

Because Suzi is not a person who studies theory in isolation, she uses only those processes and combinations of resources that she has experienced as practical and useful. She mixes and matches concepts and ideas from many disciplines. Her motto here is “whatever works”.