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NLP and Energy Medicine

What is NLP?

One of the primary focuses for individual client sessions with Suzi is Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is basically the study of Human Excellence. It is a rapidly evolving field of discoveries about how people think, act and behave. NLP teaches a person to focus on pattern detection, observing many things about the process of a person’s thinking. It was developed over 30 years ago by John Grinder, a linguist and Richard Bandler, a mathematician.

Bandler and Grinder studied the behavioral, linguistic and cognitive patterns of many different people who happened to be the best at what they did. They modeled the behavioral patterns of leading people in the fields of therapy, business, education and so on. By modeling these talented people, they were able to discern what they were doing at an unconscious level to make them so effective. Bandler and Grinder then went on to develop a set of skills and processes based on their findings that eventually evolved into Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Out of the development of NLP many processes have been modeled that can be utilized to assist a person in creating change. With NLP the emphasis is on the process, or “how” a person is thinking, rather than the content, or “what” a person is thinking. The first focus is on the patterns a person is exhibiting that create discomfort for them. Once the problem patterns are identified, there are many ways of helping a person to create change in a problematic context.

Changes can be made in behaviors, capabilities, beliefs and values—sometimes even moving to the identity level. NLP is very precise in its ability to create change at any one of these levels. The processes can help a person resolve issues from the past, issues that are happening in the present or even help in creating a compelling future.

What is energy medicine?

Another set of skills that Suzi utilizes in individual sessions are from energy medicine. Specifically, she has studied the ways of energy healing practiced by the Q’ero, the last of the Incas. The skills she has gained through that study allow a person to bring balance to the body and the soul, through extracting imprints and pathologies from the Luminous Energy Field, enhancing the immune system and healing emotional wounds.