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Life Coaching

Suzi’s special coaching qualities

  • Suzi coachingSuzi Smith brings over 25 years of experience in working with others to the coaching context. She is able to quickly and easily create a high trust environment with clients, where they can comfortably explore and be honest with themselves.
  • Suzi holds the notion of balance in high regard as she works with others. It does a person an injustice to strengthen one area of a person’s life at the expense of other areas. Thus, much attention is paid to the ecology of each of the decisions a client makes.
  • She considers it her responsibility as a coach to listen, notice patterns, especially in the beliefs that are unconscious for the client and then ask pointed questions to allow them to come up with the answers they have already inside themselves. She is there to be a witness, a catalyst and sometimes a “teller of the truth”; it isn’t her job to make recommendations directly. The answers are within the client and they emerge under the artful questioning Suzi provides.

What is Life Coaching?

Before the 1980’s coaching was primarily focused on achieving improvements in a specific performance area. It was the coach’s job to observe a person’s behavior and give tips on improvement. This type of coaching was thought to originate from a sports training model and is focused at the behavioral level, creating more conscious awareness.

After the 1980’s coaching took on a more generalized and expanded meaning. What has become known as “life coaching” provides support on a number of different levels, ranging from behaviors to beliefs and values.

What are the benefits of Life Coaching?

  • You can achieve growth and aspirations that you’ve had trouble achieving on your own
  • By setting concrete, practical goals you accomplish your special dreams
  • You gain more life satisfaction by taking responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • You use focused, regularly scheduled conversations to create an environment for planned action, individual growth and incremental improvement
  • Through the structure of ongoing sessions (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) use the strengths you posses right now to deal with challenges, evaluate choices, set directions and change habits
  • You receive support and encouragement, as well as honest feedback from another who cares about your results
  • You get to know yourself better—what works and doesn’t work for you
  • You take time out of your busy life for yourself—to stop and reflect and allow your thoughts to be spoken. This helps gain clarity and focus
  • Through careful examination of your values you’re able to align what you do with what’s important to you